October is Dyslexia Awareness Month
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Imagine what it would be like to look at a page of text and see distorted letters swirling before your eyes. Or not seeing the difference between the letters b d p q. This is the case for many dyslexic people. Dyslexia affects areas of the brain that process language. Understanding dyslexia can help you understand the difficulties of living with it.

  • Dyslexia is a Learning Difference.
  • Dyslexic differences are associated with strengths in creative thinking and problem solving, and challenges in reading, writing, and spelling.
  • Often a dyslexic student’s greatest challenges are in the early school years. Appropriate instruction tends to be effective.

As the challenges recede, strengths mature and develop. We see dyslexic brain development like the planning for an ambitious building project. If you’re dyslexic and planning something great, it may take you longer to set the foundation.

The learning process may be difficult with dyslexia. But this has no relationship to intelligence. Some say the way individuals with dyslexia think can be an asset in achieving success. Even Einstein was dyslexic and had he an estimated IQ of 160.

Help promote a Positive Dyslexia Awareness this month.

  1. Tell a Peer. If you’re a parent, tell a parent. If you’re a student, tell a student, If you a corporate exec, tell a corporate exec.  Positive dyslexia awareness comes through stronger if you’re educating someone who is a lot like you.
  2. Tell a Change Maker. If you help a change maker develop a positive awareness of dyslexia, their actions and work can have positive ripples on many more students and families.
  3. Tell a Child. Children should grow up with a positive awareness of Dyslexia.
  4. Share Resources.  Share what you learn and don’t worry about what you don’t know.

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Download the Infographic PDF

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