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Low Vision Awareness Month

Macular Degeneration most commonly happens to those over 50 years old. It affects the center of the retina  in an area known as the macula. This area is vital for sharp, central vision. Blurred center [...]

Boy With Down Syndrome Named Gerber Baby

Lucas Warren (Courtesy: Gerber) In a first, this year’s Gerber baby is a young boy with Down syndrome. The iconic baby food company said Wednesday that it has chosen Lucas Warren, 18 months, [...]

Government Watchdog Warns Of Group Home Dangers

Injuries, serious medical conditions and even deaths of those with developmental disabilities living in group homes often are not looked into and go unreported, federal investigators say. An audit of three states found that officials [...]

Autism Rates Appear To Have Stabilized

Three years of data from the National Health Interview Survey suggests that the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders among American children and teens has stabilized at around 2.41 percent, according to a new study. [...]

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