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Latham produces video for special needs community

January 8th, 2019|

BREWSTER – Students from Latham School and their families featured in a newly published video, “And they said my child would never”, would like the special needs community near and far to hear their stories of hope. The three-minute video, [...]

Special Needs Movie Experience

January 2nd, 2019|

BROWNSVILLE, Texas - It may be simple task for many, but for those with disabilities it could be the experience of a lifetime. A partnership between the Brownsville Independent School District, Cinemark, and the Order [...]

December 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

November 29th, 2018|

Tile- Tile is a small GPS and Bluetooth tracker. It easily loops onto key chains and attaches to anything. Items can be located by playing an 88 decibel audible sound or the [...]

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