Magical Light Show


Psychedelic colors! Lively tunes! Good vibrations!


Enjoy your very own VIP rock concert with rockin’ tunes, good vibrations and mesmerizing colors from the Magical Light Show switch-adapted visual toy. This sense-sational bestseller has an external jack for capability switches so everyone can rock on!

Seizure warning: Do not use this product with seizure-prone people.

Visual, Tactile and Auditory Stimulation

We designed this toy to provide a full sensory experience to people with many different abilities. The Magical Light Show’s features include:

  • Spinning lights, catchy music and stimulating vibration
  • Built-in yellow and round switch plate for people who can access the target area
  • External jack for the capability switch of your choice
  • Works with five AA batteries

Once you activate this enchanting toy, you’ll soon see why so many customers love it.

Who Can Enjoy the Magical Light Show Toy?

The Magical Light Show meets a variety of sensory needs and can teach important motor skills. These customers buy this toy for themselves or others:

  • Adults and children with disabilities
  • Care organizations
  • Occupational therapists and teachers
  • Loved ones and family members

Thanks to its compatibility with multiple kinds of activation switches, the Magical Light Show helps many people have fun.

How Can You Use This Product?

Our customers use the Magical Light Switch for many purposes, including:

  • Education: Students can learn motor skills, increase visual attention, and learn cause and effect by activating the lights, sounds and vibrations.
  • Play: The Magical Light Show provides a thrilling experience to users looking to have fun.
  • Stimulation: The vibration, lights and sounds offer a full sensory experience for someone who needs stimulation and for improving sensory awareness.

Simple operation and a durable design ensure that you’ll get good use out of this versatile toy.

Additional information

Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 10.25 × 11 × 11.25 in


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