Five Finger Typist


Five Finger Typist is suitable for anyone, any age, who wants to learn to touch type with one hand.


Five Finger Typist is a typing tutor for people who want to learn to type with one hand. It teaches the accepted keyboarding technique for one-handed touch typing on the standard (QWERTY) keyboard. Learn a life-long skill which can be used on any computer, tablet or phone. No need for a specialised one-handed keyboard which has to be transported around with the user.

Five Finger Typist is a set of structured typing lessons which first teach the home position and then progressively introduce new keys while revising keys already learnt. 21 lessons teach all letters, numbers and some punctuation marks.

An animated hand on the screen shows the correct hand movement as keys are typed.

It is easy to customize Five Finger Typist to assist learning:

  • choose from 5 screen-font sizes – standard to very large
  • typing sounds can be turned on during typing exercises
    • a typing-error sound can be chosen
    • hear an audio prompt of the next keys to type
    • the key you typed can be spoken
    • a typewriter sound is made when you type

ou can save your typing hand, the last lesson worked and other settings so you can start next time with the same setup.

Five Finger Typist is extremely easy to use. It’s not necessary to master complex concepts to use the program.

  • Suitable for child or adult
  • Either the right, or left, hand can be chosen easily
  • Opens up new communication skills – email, letters, social media, applications and computer games
  • Touch typing skills assist students in all levels of learning
  • Touch typing skills assist adults in communication and employment
  • Lessons are graded, starting with simple exercises
  • A self-paced typing program

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