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Ginger Tiger is the largest online activity resource for special needs learners.


Effective and Comprehensive:

Ginger Tiger works effectively using hundreds of activities and games. The activities cover the essential fields of Cause & Effect, Basic skills, Math, Speech & Language, timing, and Language Arts.


The Ginger Tiger activities suitable for users ranging from low cognitive levels and 2 years old infants to regular second graders. A flexible difficulty level setting system within the games, allows teachers and parents to adapt the activities to the user’s progress and abilities.

Anywhere, Any Interface: 

Ginger Tiger is accessible anytime on a multitude of platforms (IPad, Android tablets, Win 8 tablets etc.) and access devices (Switches, Eye Gaze, Touch screens, keyboards etc.)

Site License Annual Subscription includes:

  • Access all games
  • New games every month!
  • Up to 15 computers at the same time.
  • One geographical site

Price is per year.

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