Tapio iOS Switch Interface with Lightning Adapter


Tapio™ is a direct connect, lightning fast, dual switch interface that’s suitable for everyday access, but can fly with the fastest gamer.

Tapio comes with one of the following Apple Adapters – Lighting to USB, Lightning to USB with recharge port or USB type C to USB type A (for iPad Pro).


With Tapio and an adaptive switch, a single switch user can have complete access to an iPad or iPhone and even macOS computers using Apple’s Switch Control. A single switch scanner really can move the highlight to an app on the home screen, launch it, and scan to controls within the app. All that’s left is to plug an appropriate adaptive switch into Tapio, and attach it to an iOS Device using an Apple adapter.

  • Lightning Fast and Low latency
  • Very Low Power
  • Host powered – No Batteries to Charge or Replace
  • Reliable Direct Connection – No Bluetooth Pairing Issues, No Drop-outs, and No Sluggish Connections
  • Use re-charge Lightning adapter to charge iPad/iPhone while using Tapio
  • Multi-Platform:
    • Apple iPad, iPad Pro and iPhone
    • Android Tablets and Smartphones
    • Chromebooks
    • macOS, Windows and Linux computers
    • Most Speech Generating Devices
  • Accepts One or Two Adaptive Switches (3.5-mm/0.125-inch)
  • With Long Press – Up to “Four Switch Functionality” in iOS
  • Apple Switch Control events (iOS7 and newer)
  • Switch Access for Android events (Android 5.0 and newer)
  • RJ Cooper Switch events
  • High Performance Scan Modes
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Origin Instruments Quality, Reliability and Support


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