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Technology for Students with DisabilitiesTechnology for Students with Disabilities

There are talks about the unfavorable effects of technology on students. From educational distractions to access to inappropriate content, it seems like many people are queuing up to point out the bad things about modern inventions. Despite all these, there are many good things technology is doing for us. Technology, in fact, has opened many doors to students—particularly to students with disabilities. Alternative technological solutions are accommodating physical, cognitive, and sensory impairments in many ways. Technology for special needs, simply put, has become a great equalizer for students with disabilities.

Boost Maximum Potential in the Classroom

Assistive technology (AT), equipment used to improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities, in particular, allows students with disabilities to reach their maximum potential. AT provides a range of benefits to students, including the following:

  • It gives people with disabilities the self-confidence to do daily tasks.
  • It helps students with special needs become more independent.
  • It provides teachers the opportunity to make the curriculum accessible to virtually everyone—even for those with disabilities.
  • Disabilities are Not Inabilities with AT

    At Cadan Assistive Technologies, we believe that disabilities are not inabilities. With our assistive technology devices for children with special needs, they can also perform well—if not better—than any other person in the classroom. They can study well, graduate, get jobs, and even fend for themselves.

    AT Products for All Students with Disability

    Our products for special needs especially cater to students with vision, hearing, and mobility impairments, as well as those with limitations in cognition and perception.

    We offer specialized equpiment for the following:

    • Assistive Technology for Low-Vision Students (e.g. those with macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract, etc.)
    To be more specific, we offer low-vision accessories, alternative keyboards, pointing devices, and so much more. Our pointing devices, in particular, allow users to control the cursor on the screen without the use of hands. Our text-to-speech keyboards also provide a spoken voice for students who cannot communicate orally, while our low-vision accessories make reading easier and more rewarding for those with low vision conditions. We also have giant display calculators, visual learning switches, and e-Book readers. Call today for a recommendation!

    As George Evans said, “Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or in the same way.” Give students with disabilities the education they deserve. Visit our shop at Cadan Assistive Technologies today.