2019 - July - Juvenile Arthritis
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Juvenile Arthritis (JA) affects 1 in 1,000 youth ages birth to 16 years old. This disease affects the joints, connective tissues, and joint fluid. It can impact range of motion, activities of daily living and overall quality of life.

One of the most important things for individuals with JA to consider is low-impact activities when choosing exercise, sports or leisure. Low-impact activities allow less stress on the joints, connective tissues and joint fluids therefore, preventing inflammation, one of the worst parts of JA.

A very popular activity for individuals with JA is swimming. Swimming is especially helpful for individuals with JA because water causes less stress and impact on joints as individuals are weightless in water.

Some great examples that may help individuals with JA when swimming are:
Back Floating Boards: These are thick pieces of foam that contain a strap that is strapped around an individuals stomach to keep their stomach buoyant while in water

Swim Belts: Like back floating boards, Swim Belts are also used for buoyancy, however, these are worn around an individual’s waist to help the entire waist remain buoyant.

Water Resistant Braces: Some individuals may need extra support for their joints when preforming activities. One great and simple solution for this is water resistant braces. There are many options for these at every cost and quality level.  One important material that seems to work well for many individuals is neoprene. Another great quality of neoprene is that it is antimicrobial, meaning it is resistant to growing bacteria so can be used in wet environments safely.

Aquatic Dumbbells: Aquatic Dumbbells are a wonderful tool for low impact, resistance aquatic training. There are many sizes and shapes of Aquatic Dumbbells each offering different purposes and offerings. It is important to consult with an aquatic trainer before choosing which Aquatic Dumbbell would be appropriate for an individual.

Waterproof Fitness Trackers: There are many fitness trackers on the market but only a few are truly waterproof. Waterproof fitness trackers are a wonderful tool for individuals who would like to track their activity and exercise in and out of the water. Many are even set up to track swimming laps

There are many, many more helpful tools for individuals with JA, the above 5 are just some examples. Contact sales@cadanat.com for more ideas, tips and tricks!