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Assistive Technology for Low-Vision StudentsAssistive Technology for Low-Vision

For students suffering from low-vision, it can be extremely difficult to read textbooks, navigate computers, and generally perform well in the classroom. Losing vision, however, does not mean these students should give up on education. Because today, there are low-vision aids, devices, and equipment that can help them manage classroom tasks.

Assistive technologies for low-vision are tools that help low-vision students to maximize their remaining sight. These devices fall into three major categories, namely optical, electronic, and non-optical devices—and we offer all of them here at Cadan Assistive Technologies.

A Range of Low-Vision Aids and Devices

A magnifier works great when reading small notes, but for students, it does not work well when reading a textbook (students would get tired of holding it in their hands). This is why our products are specialized. Here is a selection of our low-vision aids:

  • Video magnifiers – Video magnifiers or CCTVs use a stand-mounted video camera to show magnified objects onto a screen. These prove useful for low-vision students, especially in tasks that involve reading, writing, looking at catalogs, or making crafts.
  • Desktop electronic magnifiers – This product provides students with tremendous magnification power. Most desktop magnifiers we stock are designed with flexibility in mind, and have additional viewing options for added visual support.
  • Reading machines – Our reading machines are scanners with voice output. Students can use them to translate printed material into spoken words, as the device reads aloud typewritten text placed on its scanning surface.
  • Braille embossers – These are the equipment that renders text as tactile Braille cells. Using a translation software, low vision students (and teachers of low vision students) can easily emboss a document with relative ease.
  • Large print keyboards – Standard keyboards usually have small white letters on black keys, making it difficult for visually impaired students to type. We have large print keyboards, which feature bright and bold letters in many colors to make it easier to type papers or a quick email.
  • Giant display calculators – Giant display calculators are a great tool for students having difficulty operating a regular-sized calculator. The products we stock are easy to see, reach, and operate, and feature sensitive and high-contrast keys.
At Cadan Assistive Technologies, we provide the vision and students enjoy their future. Browse through our site today for all the equipment you need.