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Augmentative Communication Devices Program

Cadan Assistive Technologies is an Approved Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Provider
Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) Coverage Requirements

Beamz in Schools

The harsh reality many districts face in the aftermath of ARRA (the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act) is lack of funding. Whether you’re trying to provide the necessities, or implement something new and innovative, sometimes the money just isn’t available. Beamz receives inquiries all of the time from forward-looking educators around the country asking if we have any leads on funding sources. We also get calls and email from people who have successfully written grants and gotten funding (and they tell us that it wasn’t that hard!). All of those inquiries and communications have prompted us to investigate how we might better support customers throughout the grant-writing process. In no way do we think we have all the answers, or a sure-fire thing, but we think we might be on to something! We expect this area of our web to grow and change as we acquire more information and more experience so please view our efforts through those lenses. At Beamz, we believe that inclusive, interactive music experiences enrich the lives of people of all ages, physical, or cognitive abilities. We hope the Grants and Funding Resources section of our web site will increase our outreach and our ability to partner with you to serve your students. Grants & Funding