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Assistive Technology for Disabled Students

Assistive Technology for Disabled Students

More than 90 million children live with some form of disability. Most of them experience inequalities every single day, and have fewer opportunities to access quality education. One thing that provides them access to quality education is assistive technology—the devices and equipment designed to help increase, maintain, and improve the capabilities of a disabled student.

Assistive Technology for Daily Classroom Tasks

At Cadan Assistive Technologies, we offer a range of devices and equipment that assist students with disability in their daily tasks in the classroom. Some of our assistive technology for disabled students include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Mouth stick – This product allows people who have no use of their hands to type and perhaps manipulate a trackball mouse using their mouths.
  • Switches– When clicked using the side of the head, our switches allow disabled students to navigate through operating systems and web pages. A special software on the computer interprets the clicking action.
  • Oversized trackball mouse – Our trackball mouse is easier to manipulate than the standard mouse. This is useful for people with tremors in their hands, as it easily allows them to move the cursor in the right direction; it is also useful for those who have no use for their hands and manipulate objects using their feet.
  • Adaptive keyboard – This hardware is especially useful for those who do not have reliable muscle control in their hands for precise movements. Some of our keyboards have raised areas between keys, allowing users to first place their hands down and then slide their finger into the correct key. Some come with word-completion technology.
  • Eye tracker – Our eye trackers are excellent alternatives for students with no or limited control over their hand movements. The trackers follow the movement of the eyes, allowing them to navigate the computer using only eye movements instead of a mouse.
These are only some of our products, but there are hundreds of products available for a wide range of motor disabilities.