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Assistive Technology for Deaf Students

Assistive Technology for Deaf Students

Deaf and hard of hearing children have the right to a quality education, with the same academic level and content as hearing children. They have the right to be educated, especially in a language and environment that maximizes their potential.

The Role of Assistive Technology in Teaching Deaf Students

With assistive technology, any device that helps people with disability to listen and communicate, students with hearing impairment can study better and live independently. More and more assistive technologies are becoming available to help people with hearing impairment listen and communicate meaningfully, and participate fully in the classroom.

Devices for Hearing Impaired Students

At Cadan Assistive Technologies, we understand that hearing impaired children have different learning styles, abilities, and levels of hearing impairment. This is why we offer an extensive collection of products offering schools and teachers the tools to reach and teach all types of hearing impaired students.

There are many types types of assistive technology for deaf students. These are a few of them:

Cadan Assistive Technologies particularly provides Braille note takers, pen scanners, closed captioning devices, sign language translators, and sign generators. These products allow schools and educators to help the deaf learn at their own pace, all while giving them the guidance to reach their fullest potential.

Easy Site Navigation and Funding

Whether you are a school, a teacher, or a parent teaching a hearing impaired student, you need to learn what disability equipment is best for your circumstances. With our range of options, choosing can easily become overwhelming. Fortunately, we have made things easier. You can see the details on our site along with links to a variety of products, which can save you hours and hours of time for research. You can also take advantage of our list of potential funding—because we understand that sometimes, you need help in paying for all these equipment. Cadan Assistive Technologies believes that deaf people can do anything. They simply need the right tools to overcome all the challenges. Let us help.