There are many assistive technology devices available in today’s world. Some are very complex, others incredibly simple. All have the same objective: let the user live a more focused and functional life while being independent.

One exciting piece of technology is a scanning pen!  While there are many scanning pen options available in the world, Reader-Pen C-Pen reader has some of the best features on the market. With the ability to record sound, scan words to be read aloud, save scans, scan directly to a computer, and use headphones for privacy, the scanning pen has something for everyone!

Many people with ADHD and / or Dyslexia find that they read a passage more than once to absorb information. Which can cause great frustration.  However, when using a scanning pen, many found that they only needed to read the passage once while simultaneously using their C-Pen. This combination provides a visual, audible and tactile experience for the reader meaning that the brain makes more than one connection to the content!  It has been noted that people using the C-Pen reader have increased reading speed allowing more content to be absorbed in a standard amount of time.

In conclusion, the C-Pen is a cost effective, inclusive, and simple way to help provide independence to individuals struggling with reading / learning difficulties due to ADHD and / or dyslexia.


C-Pen Reader Pen

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