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Assistive Technology for Blind StudentsAssistive Technology for Blind Students

Students with visual impairments face big challenges in school not only socially, but also academically. Making minor adjustments to the classroom and monitoring their progress may help in teaching a visually impaired child, but providing aids, especially assistive technology, can certainly allow them to reach their full potential and succeed in the classroom.

Assistive Technology and Its Role in Education

This technology has created a revolution for disabled learners. Students with visual impairment have been subject to unequal educational opportunities for years, having been shut out of classes because of the schools’ accessibility or instructional problems. Assisted technology, fortunately, has created a sea of change in options for disabled students, making it easier for them to access materials, communicate their ideas, and participate in educational experiences. Any adaptive device that increases the engagement and independence of a student with disability may be considered assistive technology (AT). The devices especially help students with visual impairment to complete their homework, do research, take tests, read books, and ultimately help improve their academic performance.

Changing Lives with AT Devices

Cadan Assistive Technologies offers a range of AT devices, which have changed the lives of many visually impaired students. These include the following:

  • Smart scanners and readers – Our smart scanners and readers convert documents into speech, and read aloud almost all printed materials.
  • Camera-based reading devices – Cadan Assistive Technologies offers camera-based reading and magnifying devices. They do not require special training and are ready to use right out of the box.
  • Braille embossers – Our Braille embossers “prints” dots on pages to form Braille characters. This is especially useful for teachers making materials for visually impaired students; it is also useful for students to submit classroom requirements, such as homework and papers.
We only carry the best brands of assistive technology for blind students, such as ABiSee, ViewPlus Technologies, Enabling Technologies, and Independent Living Aids, LLC.

True Education is Education for Everyone

The collective key feature of all the products we sell is that they are focused on accessibility, offering almost limitless flexibility, not only for the visually impaired, but also to all varieties of disability. We make sure they do, because that’s what true education is, after all: for everyone.

Browse through our shop for assistive devices today. You may also reach Cadan Assistive Technologies at 651-456-5760.