In the assistive technology world, independence, safety and freedom are always the goal. Some things that help people using assistive technology achieve those goals are medical alert devices. Whether it be at home or on the go, it is important that individuals have access to an alert device at all times. Independence should never be limited by the availability of access to safety response measures.

A unique, one of a kind product, that are helping many live more independent lives is Bay Alarm Medical’s In-Car GPS help button. Offering a simple unit that plugs into your in car’s 12-volt power adaptor, it provides automatic crash detection, push-button help to emergency call centers, and GPS tracking. Paired with a cellphone and computer application, access to trip information and medical history is readily available.

With tools like these, someone who may feel vulnerable can soon have a sense of safety. I encourage everyone who feels this may be a solution to look into this product. Don’t let fear of access to medical help stop you from living life to its fullest!

Bay Alarm Medical’s In-Car GPS

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