The iGuardStove is a must for anyone who wants the peace of mind knowing their family is safe.

Certified – Reliable – Trusted

Simple To Operate

The iGuardStove is an easy to use motion sensor control device that simply shuts off the stove when it doesn’t see any motion in the kitchen for five minutes. No more burnt food or melted pots or pans. In minutes you can add many valuable safety features that are NOT available on stoves at all. #1 in stove fire prevention! Prevent a stove fire today with a stove safety guard!

  • Automatically shuts off the stove after 5 minutes of no one being in the kitchen
  • Manual Timer for longer periods of uninterrupted cooking for roasts or stews
  • Convenient locks disable the stove from unauthorized use (Night Lock, Caregiver Lock, Child Lock)
  • Remotely monitor or disable the stove using your Smart devices
  • Text alerts can warn of situations that might need immediate attention
  • Daytime Activity Monitor warns if NO motion has been detected in the kitchen for 3 hours
  • Nighttime Activity Monitor records any late-night motion in the kitchen
  • Records stove “Automatic Shut Offs” to track memory changes over time
  • Handy daily calendar that shows if and when the stove is being used
  • Will connect to Nest Protect smoke detectors
  • Easy to install and easy to use


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