MyGaze Assistive Eye Tracker


myGaze® Assistive 2, created by Visual Interaction, is gaze control of computer programs made easy and affordable.


It is well suited for special needs students and their teachers as well as adults who rely on gaze for communication, work and environment control.

         •      Easy Start– no training & support required
•      No-fail calibration
•      Works like a mouse with most software
•      Suitable for early as well as power users

Whats Included:


1. myGaze Eye Tracker

A state of the art device!
Tracks where your eyes are looking and turns that into computer control.
2. EyeMouse Play
World’s first easy-to-use eye mouse
Designed for the needs of early and ‘supported’ users and their teachers and parents.
3. EyeMouse Power (optional)

Easy and intuitive mouse & keyboard control

Provides users with the ability to independently access study materials, browse the internet, socialize with friends and family, and much more.

myGaze Assistive 2 is ideal for special needs classrooms as well as early users who want to learn AAC with gaze. The EyeMouse Power software is a great addition for advanced power users.


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