Bellman & Symfon Visit Alerting with Flash Receiver for Phone and Doorbell


The Swedish designed Bellman Visit wireless alerting system notifies people about important signals and alarms in difficult listening ­situations.


With this Bellman Visit system, you can be alerted by clear flashing lights and light indicator. By adding additional Visit transmitters, you can be notified to the smoke alarm, your baby’s ­crying and more. All these functions are ­integrated into a well-designed wireless system.


  • Allows the user to move around inside and outdoors.
  • Flashing light alert.
  • Alerts to the doorbell and incoming telephone calls.
  • Portability: take this system with you when you travel.
  • Flexibility: add-on accessories provide other notification.
  • Wireless system; all batteries are included.
  • Approximate operating range in open field about 260 feet (90 yards); walls and other large objects may greatly affect coverage.
  • Videophone compatible (must have built-in phone jack)


  • 1 Visit Push Button Transmitter: alerts to someone at the door
  • 1 Visit Telephone/Multi-Purpose Transmitter: alerts to telephone calls
  • 1 Visit Flash Receiver: flashing visual light and light indicators

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