The Skull Alarm Clock With Sonic Bomb Super Shaker


Behold an alarm clock to wake the dead! The Skull Alarm Clock will wake the dead! Behold the power of the Skull Alarm Clock!


Have you ever thought of whether there is an alarm clock to wake the dead? It is an interesting question to ponder. Within the laboratories at Sonic Alert, our team of scientists and engineers worked to concoct the Skull Alarm Clock!

Hidden in secret, the Skull Clock was born. Within all of its holy power, it contains many bells and whistles that make it as powerful as it is. When the Skull Clock goes off, it emits a 113 dB alarm that awakens all of the dead. Scared, you might be, but the bed shaker is where its real power lies for the Skull Alarm Clock.

The bed shaker of the Skull Alarm Clock is where the clock holds its ultimate power. The risen dead can either choose to wake up from the alarm or the bed shaker. Either one works for them. Beware when its eyeballs light up and a red flashing alert goes off. Should you wish to command the dead, this is the clock for you.

It will grant you power you’ve only dreamed of.

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