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A wealth of accessible learning solutions at your fingertips!


No more searching for the right software for your students. Inclusive ClassMate now brings you ALL of your favorite and award winning IT software titles with the convenience of a tablet and the power of Windows 10. This essential collection has been brought together to help meet a wide range of learning needs within the classroom and special needs services.

Simple touch or switch settings are built into all activities enabling access for all early learners and those with physical difficulties. The tablet provides independent power, flexibility for positioning, portability and convenient connectivity for your peripherals.

Use with individuals as a tablet or notebook with the detachable keyboard or link to a larger screen for a bigger impact in the classroom.*

An ideal, affordable technology teaching tool for the special educator.

Powerful, Versatile & Ready to Use:

The Inclusive ClassMate is ready to use out of the box, no need to install or configure any software or settings. Featuring an Intel processor, dual-band Wi-Fi, the great features of Windows 10 and all of your favorite Inclusive software are always with you ready when you want them. The Inclusive ClassMate includes a keyboard dock with a trackpad that acts a hard shell to protect the tablet screen when not in use.

Complete Connectivity:

With USB ports, the Inclusive ClassMate lets you connect all your external devices without the need for additional hubs or cables. Whether you need files from your external hard drive or prefer to use a mouse, the Inclusive ClassMate lets you work and play the way you want to.

What’s included?:

Inclusive ClassMate includes our top 50 software titles including thousands of progressive and engaging educational activities taking students on their first steps of interaction with technology to making independent choices. No internet connection needed, all software is pre-installed and ready to go.

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