Wheel of Sounds


WHEEL OF SOUNDS is a switch-activated game that plays an object’s sound when the object is selected by the spinner.


The spinner is activated by either step scanning, timed scanning, a single switch press, a mouse or touch-screen. Once the picture is selected and the sound is played, a new picture will take its place. Wheel of Sounds gives you the capability of setting the field of pictures to display 2, 3 or 4 pictures at a time, creating customized games by selecting only certain pictures to include in a game, and optionally adding your own pictures and sounds. Included with the program are separate games for pictures of various objects, a game for letters, a game for colors and a game for numbers. Auditory scanning is built into the program.

Wheel of Sounds can optionally be used as a matching activity. When “Matching” is turned on, One of the pictures in the field of pictures is copied to the center of the spinner. The student must now select the picture that matches the one in the center of the spinner. If the picture chosen does not match, a voice will tell the student that the picture doesn’t match and the sound associated with the picture is not played. If the picture matches, the computer will say “very good” and then it will play the sound associated with the picture. Statistics on the percentages of correct and incorrect matches are optionally saved to monitor the student’s progress.

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